Beatrice on BBC Look North – Live tonight at 1830!!!!

That’s right! Beatrice will be live on BBC Look North Yorkshire at 1830 tonight!

It’s all about her recent day trip to Lapland, so should be really interesting – not sure how long she’ll get, but I have a feeling it might be memorable….


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Beatrice on the radio and some very special news….

We had a pretty amazing day yesterday – Beatrice was invited to take part in the Elly Fiorentini Radio show on BBC York (if you missed it, you can listen again here).
It was an amazing experience for her and she was treated like a Princess. Elly was welcoming, friendly and helpful as ever – it’s as if they’ve known each other since birth!
Elly asked Beatrice what her favourite song was – Jessie J Price Tag, was the instant response!
Beatrice also requested a Take That song for one of her teachers, which was really nice, as she could have just picked another song for herself!
To cut to the chase, thanks to Leeds Bradford Airport, Martin House, BBCRadio York and BBC Look North:

Beatrice is going to see Santa in Lapland!

Whoop Whoop!
And you’ll have to listen (or watch the video here) to see what she thought of that news!
Hopefully, she’ll be live on BBCLookNorth on 23rd December to tell you all about it when she gets back!
It’s so nice that this is happening for her, as she was quite ill last Christmas and didn’t get to make the most of it.

Lots of love and a merry Christmas !

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Beatrice on BBC Radio York on Tuesday – LIVE!

Beatrice will be a special guest of the Elly Fiorentini radio show at BBC Radio York on Tuesday. Should be on between 4 and 5.  Beatrice is going to be told a little secret that she knows nothing about. I’m beyond excited to see what her reaction’s going to be like – it will be one extreme of the other – sheer bliss, or total confusion!  There might be a TV crew there to capture the moment too, which will be awesome if it happens.

You can listen live, if you’re not in the area by going to the link here and clicking the listen now button for Elly’s show.  If you miss it, they normally have a listen again section.

Did I mention I’m excited?

Soooooooooooooooooooo excited!


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Birthday girl!


A year ago today my poor baby was in hospital. What a difference a year makes!
Happy fifth Birthday to my gorgeous Princess xxx

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The dreaded bug!

After a long period of being suspiciously well, Beatrice has fallen ill.
She’s feeling pretty rubbish, but her delightfully dry sense of humour is ever present.
We spent a few hours on Ward 18 at York hospital yesterday getting her checked out and after a chest xray we could see that she has a chest infection, with secretions sitting on her right lung.
This is normally where I start to get really, really worried.
Not this time. That bug is not long for this world!
We’ve got WBD (weapons of bug destruction) at our disposal!
Antibiotics, Nebuliser, Chest Physio and Cough Assist.
A fantastic arsenal that we are now well versed with using.
We’re used to fighting and every time we do, we all get better at it.
This is the first time she’s been this bad this year and Beatrice has open access back to the ward.
However, we’re going to work our posteriors off to make sure whe doesn’t need it.

Anyway – TTFN – I’m off to have a scrap with some bugs 😀

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BBC Radio York and BBC Look North

That’s was a seriously busy day at Martin House yesterday with the crew from BBC Radio York to launch the Good Night’s Sleep campaign.
Everyone from the station was so lovely and they treated Beatrice like a Princess (as always, the staff from Martin House were superb!).
We took part in two radio shows, which are available at the links below. Worth a listen! Our bits are all in the first half hour to forty minutes, so are easy to find.
(If you’re listening from abroad, install hola unblocker as an extension to your browser before you try to listen and it should allow you to listen to the BBC iplayer, irrespective of location).
So here’s the morning show with Jonathan Cowap:
And here’s the afternoon show with Elly Fiorentini:
They’re available to listen to for just the next 6 days.

Here’s the link to our spot on BBC One’s Look North. The Martin House piece starts 10 minutes in. You can use the workaround I mentioned above if you’re watching from abroad.
This links only available for the next 6 hours, as it will then be replaced with today’s programme.

Hope you enjoy watching and listening. Please share these links as much as possible so that lots of people see them and find out about the Martin House campaign (and Beatrice!)

Today will be an amazing day. xxxxx

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Beatrice live on the radio


On the radio, letting all the nice people know how amazing martin house is.

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We’re on the radio! Radio York til 12. Live. Whoop whoop! Then again 4 til 7.
BBC look north Yorkshire at 1830 today as well!

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Beatrice presenting award at the o2 Media awards 2013

This is Beatrice presenting radio broadcaster of the year to Elly Fiorentini – I’m so proud of Beatrice for doing this – there were a couple of hundred people in the room and she really wasn’t phased by it at all.
She had such an amazing evening and was treated like a true princess by everyone xx

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Beatrice at the o2 media awards


Beatrice had an amazing time!
I’m going to out some pics up on fb ( ) later on today.
Will also do a proper post when I’m child free.
Simply awesome night!

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