Going on a little journey….

Snappy was very poorly! It had lost a rear castor, so needed to head back to the Dragons’ Den for repair. One short (ish) drive to Cambridge later and Snappy was back in the loving arms of her first family, being showered with TLC. A massive thankyou to Dragon Mobility for fixing the chair so quickly, it’s very much appreciated.

Recently I’d found out that George, who had inherited Beatrice’s first panthera micro, had grown out of it – so I put the feelers out to try and find somebody that could get as much out of it as Beatrice and George had. Thanks to Smalltalk on FB, I made contact with someone whose son is two years old and has type two sma.

The only slight problem was that they live in Newcastle and the chair was in Welwyn Garden City! Fortunately Cambridge is only 40 miles away, so I took the opportunity for a  little drive to see George (and family) and pick up the chair. He and his brother are lovely, as are his Mum and Grandma.

George had made a beautiful picture for Beatrice as a thankyou for the loan and there were a couple of presents from Mum too – I can’t wait to give them to Beatrice!

It was nice to talk to another parent, in a similar situation. Helps us to remember we’re not alone.

I’d forgotten just how light and small the chair is – it only weighs about 8lbs!!

So the relay starts. The chair’s back in North Yorkshire now and we have to figure out the best way to get it to its new owner.

I’m excited, knowing that it could make a big difference in somebody’s life.

Happy days.


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