A lovely message

Beatrice received this message through the comments section on a previous post, but I thought it was worth sharing here, as I couldn’t figure out how to anonymise the comment. He was a lovely chap and chatted to us for a while – he even let Beatrice play with a cool remote control car that you can drive on windows – She had a lot of fun!

So here’s the message:

“Hi Beatrice… (and Dad) I met you today at Red5 at Junction 32 shopping centre. I was the silly bloke who was stood outside in the cold driving a car up the glass. I have done a lot of work with children in activity centres and schools. Your attitude, politeness and sense of fun is a compliment to both yourself and your parents. I hope you come back and visit soon. Your dad gave me your email and I hope that I can help you as much as you helped me today – I was feeling a little sad.. Your spirit and attitude is amazing and I loved chatting to you. TO DAD… not so long ago (just pre-Xmas) I did a sponsored spinathon at the gym to raise money… If Beatrice needs anything, either call in and ask, email me @x or call x Would be happy to help.”

And, to be honest, it made my day.


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