Lotus flower

Beatrice lotus

Beatrice checking out a Lotus at Martin House – she had so much fun! That girl is a speed demon! Many thanks to all the drivers and Martin House xx

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Beatrice and Henry walking full size

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.

They had no idea I took this shot and I think the picture is worth more than anything I could write about it xxx.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Hooray! Hooray! I’ve just turned six today!
I’m a very happy girl – really looking forward to a lovely day, with lots of love and hugs.
We had a lovely day on Saturday, which was my unofficial Birthday (because I’m at school today, you see) – I had an amazing time!
First we went to watch Sing-a-long Frozen, then we went and had a massive Chinese banquet, then we went to a make up shop and I spent two hours choosing all sorts of things, then we went for a lovely hot chocolate and finally we went bowling – I was pooped! I had such a lovely day though – It was BEAMAZING!
Today, I have to go to school – but at least I get to see all my lovely friends – and then I’m having three lovely friends round for my Birthday Tea Party – Apparently Daddy’s making me a cake! Sooooooo excited!
Love you all, make sure you have a nice day too! xxxxxx

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I can’t stand? I beg to differ….


Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.
Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.
Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare.
Impossible is potential.
Impossible is temporary.
Impossible is nothing.

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Daddy, it’s like flying!!

Daddy, it's like flying!!

Had the OT’s out today to fit Beatrice’s sling.
She absolutely loves the hoist! Adores it, in fact – as long as she gets the controls!
It’ll take us a while to get to grips with it, speed wise, but once we have, I think it’ll make a lot of things easier.
Most importantly though, she’s happy using it, which we were worried would be a big barrier.
She says she can fly like Firestar xxx

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Going on a little journey….

Snappy was very poorly! It had lost a rear castor, so needed to head back to the Dragons’ Den for repair. One short (ish) drive to Cambridge later and Snappy was back in the loving arms of her first family, being showered with TLC. A massive thankyou to Dragon Mobility for fixing the chair so quickly, it’s very much appreciated.

Recently I’d found out that George, who had inherited Beatrice’s first panthera micro, had grown out of it – so I put the feelers out to try and find somebody that could get as much out of it as Beatrice and George had. Thanks to Smalltalk on FB, I made contact with someone whose son is two years old and has type two sma.

The only slight problem was that they live in Newcastle and the chair was in Welwyn Garden City! Fortunately Cambridge is only 40 miles away, so I took the opportunity for a  little drive to see George (and family) and pick up the chair. He and his brother are lovely, as are his Mum and Grandma.

George had made a beautiful picture for Beatrice as a thankyou for the loan and there were a couple of presents from Mum too – I can’t wait to give them to Beatrice!

It was nice to talk to another parent, in a similar situation. Helps us to remember we’re not alone.

I’d forgotten just how light and small the chair is – it only weighs about 8lbs!!

So the relay starts. The chair’s back in North Yorkshire now and we have to figure out the best way to get it to its new owner.

I’m excited, knowing that it could make a big difference in somebody’s life.

Happy days.


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A lovely message

Beatrice received this message through the comments section on a previous post, but I thought it was worth sharing here, as I couldn’t figure out how to anonymise the comment. He was a lovely chap and chatted to us for a while – he even let Beatrice play with a cool remote control car that you can drive on windows – She had a lot of fun!

So here’s the message:

“Hi Beatrice… (and Dad) I met you today at Red5 at Junction 32 shopping centre. I was the silly bloke who was stood outside in the cold driving a car up the glass. I have done a lot of work with children in activity centres and schools. Your attitude, politeness and sense of fun is a compliment to both yourself and your parents. I hope you come back and visit soon. Your dad gave me your email and I hope that I can help you as much as you helped me today – I was feeling a little sad.. Your spirit and attitude is amazing and I loved chatting to you. TO DAD… not so long ago (just pre-Xmas) I did a sponsored spinathon at the gym to raise money… If Beatrice needs anything, either call in and ask, email me @x or call x Would be happy to help.”

And, to be honest, it made my day.


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The dreaded Pox!

beatrice with chicken pox

It was bound to happen after Pom had it. Irritatingly it’s come along with a chest infection too.
She’s still her normal happy self, just has a bit less energy and a lot more phlegm!
Fingers crossed she’ll be over it soon. Kipping on the floor in her room at the moment for better reaction times. Bizarrely, when I was asleep, I slept better – probably because I wasn’t having to stay nearly conscious to hear her.
Hitting the physio and cough assist to help her clear it and seems to be going well. Holding off on antibiotics for the moment – fingers crossed we won’t need them.
So today we will mostly be watching….Disney!

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Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to all our family, friends and supporters!

It’s been a very good year for Beatrice health wise and we hope it will continue. She’s looking forward to going back to school and we’re looking forward to her telling us all about it.

Thank you for all your support over the past year – it helps to make her life what it is – which is AWESOME!

Lots of love, 

Beatrice and Co xxxx

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Beatrice on BBC Look North

I’m so proud of Beatrice for how she did on Look North tonight. She was awesome as ever! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it all happen xx If you missed it, you can catch it on watch again for the next 24 hours. Starts at about 15 mins 30 in… I’m so proud of Beatrice for how she did on Look North tonight. She was awesome as ever! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it all happen xx If you missed it, you can catch it on watch again for the next 24 hours. Starts at about 15 mins in…

Click here for the show!


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